ALWI and NAPS depend on the contributions of the kind donors who support the ministry.  Additionally, we are embarking upon a few fundraising ventures that will help fund the continual progression of the center, as well as day-to-day costs.

All-Natural Goat's Milk Soaps

All-Natural Goat’s Milk Soaps

Eden Land Farm – Get your All Natural, Handmade Soaps, Lotions, and Lip Balms from Eden Land Farm! 100% of the proceeds will go towards the NAPS Wellness Center! Made with goat’s milk, beeswax, olive oil, and other natural products! Good for the skin…even for eczema, acne, and other skin ailments! Visit today!





Fundraising Projects in Progress

Beekeeping (Coming Soon!)

Beekeeping (In Progress)

Medicinal Charcoal Production (Coming Soon!)

Medicinal Charcoal Production (Coming Soon!)