About Us

How did Abundant Life Wellness Institute begin?

ALWI began with a provocation given by Elder Auldwin Humphrey, M.Div., the first Board Chairman of the National Association for the Prevention of Starvation (NAPS).  NAPS has worked in various parts of the US and the world, responding to natural disasters, helping to mitigate hunger, working as mentors in lower income communities, and sharing love through a variety of projects.  In Elder Humphrey’s commission to NAPS, he stated that the work in helping to improve the quality of life for the descendants of freed slaves was unfinished, and that NAPS should endeavor to serve the forgotten in the Black Belt region of the southern United States.  When NAPS learned of the poor conditions in health and education in the Black Belt, the concept of the Abundant Life Wellness Institute was born.  In response to Elder Humphrey’s charge and God’s leading, NAPS ventured to work in faith and was blessed to establish two clinics, and complete the construction of the Abundant Life Wellness Institute. NAPS students and the community worked diligently to construct the center. Now complete, the Institute will not only serve to improve rural healthcare and education, but will also serve as a training center for future youth missionaries. For more information on NAPS, see www.napsoc.org.