I reduced my medications

Bertha Hunter

Bertha Hunter

“Upon my arrival at ALWI Center, I was suffering from years of severe pain in my right lower back, leg, and knee. My Lifestyle Coach and doctor prepared a plan that modified my diet, gradually increased my exercise, and made sure I drank plenty of water.  Before the 2 weeks was over, I was able to walk over 2 miles a day, do all my exercises without pain, sleeping 8 to 9 hours a night (where before it was only 4 to 5), and lose 7½ pounds! And if that weren’t enough, I was able to come off of 4 out of 5 medications I had been taking for years! The staff was very loving, very caring, and very professional.  I’ve have been and will continue to refer friends, family, and others to ALWI!” 

An all-inclusive experience

Bertha Hunter

Catherine Nelson

I treasured this all-inclusive experience. Every element of my health was treated–from my diet to my exercise to even my relationship with God. My lifestyle counselor went above and beyond to meet my needs. Thanks to God and ALWI, my life was transformed in just 4 weeks!

The pain is gone


Arnita King

“My time at the ALWI center has been a tremendous blessing from the Lord!  I had been in much pain from rheumatoid arthritis, and Dr. Marlo and the rest of the team were very diligent and timely with my diet, hydrotherapy treatments, exercise, and sunbathing.  With the help of the Lord, I was down to minimal to no pain at all by the time the program was complete! Praise the Lord for His healing through wonderful loving children of God.”