No Brain Surgery Needed

Before and After Picture

I was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor of the brain. We knew something was wrong, because I would
often lose my balance and fall. My husband shared this information with the leaders of “The National
Association for the Prevention of Starvation”(NAPS) at their board meeting this past May, 2015. The
President suggested that I come for a 10 day treatment at their Wellness Center in Sawyerville, AL called
“Abundant Life Wellness Institute”(ALWI). I was very hesitant, I didn’t really know anyone there and my
husband would not be able to attend the session with me. My husband encouraged me saying, “Don’t
worry, they are your family. They will treat you like family.” Well, he was exactly right. I experienced so
much love and care. It was as if the healing started as soon as I walked into the building and was
surrounded by smiles and hugs. The 10 day session was wonderful. It started out with a personal consult
with a Board Certified Physician in Internal Medicine. I also had my personal lifestyle counselor, cooking
classes, massages, hydrotherapy treatments, health lectures and so much more. By the end of the
session, I had lost —–pounds and my symptoms of dizziness, indigestion and being off balance were
gone. I shared with the ALWI medical staff that I had been trying for years to lose weight and could not
even lose 1 pound, so had given up all hope. It was a hard thing to leave, because I was truly leaving
what seemed like my family.

I had an appointment with my Family Physician and Neurosurgeon in August. By this time I had lost a
total of 35 pounds just by keeping up what I had learned at ALWI. My Family Physician, was taken aback
when she saw me, she asked, “What have you been doing? You look great.” I told her what I had learned
at ALWI, she then began to express tears of joy, stating that, “She was so happy for me and she herself
will start to implement what I had learned.” The Neurosurgeon ordered a repeat MRI in preparation for
brain surgery. After the MRI was complete, the Neurosurgeon came into the room. When he saw me, he
was very surprised and happy, stating that I looked so good and he was impressed with the amount of
weight I lost. He then proceeded to tell me that my tumor had shrunk and I will no longer be needing

I praise God for this great miracle and if I could go back to Alabama I would kiss everyone at ALWI whose
hands touched my body. Praise the Lord

Ruth Kimani